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7 Essentials For An Enviable Bathroom

In today’s perpetually busy lifestyle,  it is undeniable that the only place sacred from interruption is the private bathroom. Ironically, studies show that 74 percent of smartphone users are extending their bathroom visit just to stay connected and peruse the web in all its glory. And whilst we are all guilty of this at one point or another, bathrooms should be a place to relax and reinvigorate. A place where we can find refuge from the stresses of daily life, and somewhat indulge. Fortunately, there are products to help you unravel the potential of your bathroom, and bestow an enviable feeling of luxury and refinement upon anyone who visits. Here are 7 things that will make your bathroom the envy of all your friends.

1. Sheridan Luxury Egyptian Towel Collection


Stepping out of the shower can often be challenging - especially in winter. Made using the finest quality combed, ring-spun Egyptian cotton, these towels from Australian brand Sheridan will make it that little bit easier. Akin to what is used at 5-star resorts, but better, these towels are incredibly soft, absorbent and fast drying: the epitome of bathing luxury. the  9 colour range includes all your drying essentials: face washer, hand towel, queen bath towel, bath sheet and bath mat. In combination, these towels are sure to impress.

2. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash


Aesop began in Melbourne in 1987 with the mission of crafting superlative skin, hair and body products that use the world’s best plant-based and laboratory-engineered ingredients. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash is a realisation of this mission, and attains a standard of quality unrivalled in mainstream supermarket-bought hand washes. First of all, the scent is gorgeous; mandarin, rosemary and cedar effortlessly coalesce into a blend that is perceivably natural. But the best part is that the hand wash softly cleanses and nourishes your hands, without dehydrating, leaving them feeling supple and smooth. Available in 500ml bottles, this is a product you ought to get your hands on.

3. Diptique Baies Candle

BAIES 2.jpg

We all know what bathroom candles are primarily used for. However, with Diptique’s Baies Candle, you’ll be lighting up a match no matter the circumstances! Baies is a fragrance that has garnered a dedicated cult following by noses in the know. With notes of blackcurrant leaves, blackcurrant buds, bulgarian roses and the most sought after and expensive perfumery ingredient, ambergris, Baies diffuses an addictive fruity-floral cloud that is sensual yet fresh. Available in 190g clear or luxury black glass coffrets, Baies will burn up to a generous 60 hours, ensuring that your bathroom will always smell amazing.

4. Byredo Gypsy Water Body Wash, Lotion & EDP
Gypsy Water.jpg

Stocking a matching body wash, lotion and parfum combination in your bathroom will take freshening up to a whole new level. Known as fragrance layering, the process of cleansing, moisturising and fragrancing yourself with the same scent will improve its longevity and overall performance.  For its universally appealing, completely unisex, very refreshing yet slightly sweet vibe, we recommend Byredo’s Gypsy Water. Incorporating main notes of vanilla, sandalwood, pine and juniper berries, Gypsy Water evokes a sense of unadulterated freedom and harmony with nature. Being Byredo’s most popular fragrance, you can rest assured that you and your guests will always emerge from your bathroom smelling incredible.

5. Ralph Lauren Waffle-Knit Bathrobes


Nothing speaks of the 5-star resort experience better than sporting a high quality cotton bathrobe. Comforting and warming in winter, relaxed and stylish in summer, the range of unisex waffle-knit cotton robes from Ralph Lauren are lined with soft, plush Turkish cotton that softens and increases absorbancy with each wash. For an added touch of personalisation, Ralph Lauren will embroid your initials into the left chest at your request.

6. Salter MiBody Analyser Scale

Salter Scale.jpg

The humble weight scale has been a staple in bathrooms for decades. And whilst the average scale is nothing to bat an eyelid at, this scale from Salter takes weight and health management to a completely new level. Connected via bluetooth to your mobile device, the MiBody Analyser Scale and App records and graphs numerous health parameters, including weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass and body mass index. It also offers up an explanation of your personal metrics as benchmarked against the healthy average. This MiBody Analyser Scale is the perfect accessory to a healthy lifestyle and a distinguished bathroom.

7. Gold Tapware


As the most touched surfaces in any bathroom, tapware is almost always chosen for its function. Colour is usually an afterthought, and we hit the default setting of silver. However, when paired with a monochromatic colour scheme, gold tapware can be the feature that sets your bathroom apart. Gold exudes regality, and creates a memorable bathroom experience in and of itself. One The Waterfront is the perfect example of gold tapware done right. With a high level of dedication to achieving the lifestyle of a 5-star resort, all One The Waterfront bathrooms come standard with a gold showerhead, flush plate and faucet. The bathrooms are sleek, spacious, modern and understated: the embodiment of the enviable bathroom. Starting from a handsome $638,000, one of these stellar bathrooms and apartments at One The Waterfront can be all yours.


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