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7 Reasons Why One The Waterfront Is Like Living At A 5-Star Resort

Humans are difficult to satisfy. Elbert Hubbard once said, ‘no man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.’ This is a universal truth: no matter how long you vacation, separating yourself from a period of endless enjoyment, empowerment, opportunity, relaxation, indulgence, discovery, happiness, fulfillment etc. is not easy. We tend to find comfort in the old adage, ‘all good things must come to an end’, but maybe they don’t always have to.

At One The Waterfront, feeling like you're on vacation at a 5-star resort is a daily affair. Situated at the base of the Wentworth Point peninsula in Sydney, One The Waterfront ‘s location lends itself to a life of abundant leisure and walkable convenience. Sprinkle in breathtaking landscaping and luxurious interior designs, and you have a lifestyle that’s truly to die for.  Here are the 7 reasons why One The Waterfront is like living at a 5-star resort.

1. Concierge Service


The complimentary concierge service offers numerous conveniences allowing you to seize the day. Organizing everything from your dry cleaning to restaurant bookings will be nothing more than a phone call away. Your guests will have the luxury of exemplary service too, and will be warmly greeted and shown to your apartment whilst obliging any request. Discreet, friendly and resourceful, the concierge will be your dedicated service person, ensuring your One The Waterfront experience is akin to life at a 5-star resort.

2. The Piazza


Your mediterranean escape, The Piazza is One The Waterfront’s casual marketplace of exquisite cafes, a deli, an everyday grocer and fine restaurants. Allow the distinctively European ambience and aesthetic to transport you: cobblestone walkways interject lush green oases of palms and bocce courts, with a sculptural water fountain as a centrepiece. On Saturdays, explore the eclectic niche offerings of the weekend market. Everyday conveniences such as a pharmacy, gym, library, medical office and a day spa are also within The Piazza, making it the perfect all-purpose community hub.

3. Amenities

CGI 08 lr.jpg

The wealth of amenity around One The Waterfront is overwhelming. As the social epicenter of the residential complex, Bay Park offers running tracks and walkways, abundant open space, a unique rain garden, a playground, outdoor fitness stations, BBQ areas and a pizza oven. Overlooking Bay Park is the gorgeous Sky Park (above), which houses a rooftop cinema, sun and entertainment decks, and additional barbeque facilities. For state of the art sporting, entertainment and leisure facilities, literally step over the road to the iconic Sydney Olympic Park and be inundated with opportunity and choice. At One The Waterfront, you will always have something exciting to do.

4. Hotel Style Services

Hotel Style Services.jpg

Imagine coming home everyday to a completely spotless house. One The Waterfront’s opt-in hotel style services make this possible. Whether you're hard pressed for time or would just prefer to relax, the concierge can arrange for someone to do all your housekeeping and select daily errands for you. This includes laundry, drycleaning, turning down your bed linen, and housecleaning. It’s services like these that make One The Waterfront the quintessential 5-star resort lifestyle.

5. Club One Lounge and Cinema

OTW - Indoor Theatre.jpg

Club One facilities stand in a class of their own. Inspired by prestigious 6-star resorts around the globe, these intimate entertainment spaces will showcase a contrast of dark leather and oakwood furniture, decadent gold pipe accents and plush seating. Dim lighting will be used to amplify the elegant ambience, ensuring you can entertain your guests in the most comfortable way imaginable. Whether you treat them to a cinematic movie experience or book the dining room and catering facilities, Club One will ensure it's just as unforgettable as it would be on holiday.

OTW - Club Lounge With Quote.jpg

6. Landscaping

OTW Park Collection Night View 01.jpg

A resounding feature of world-class resorts is the seamless integration of buildings within exceedingly lush, verdant landscapes. In alignment with this, One The Waterfront’s  bespoke horticultural plan comprises gum trees and palms under-planted with shrubbery and colourful, fragrant foliage like lilies and ginger. These plantations will be strategically scattered around community walkways, Bay Park and Sky Park, in a way that optimises space for recreation without compromising on the feng shui. Water will play an integral role in the landscaping too, with features like rain curtains, bubbling jets and showers of mist tying back into the harbour setting. In synergy, One The Waterfront’s landscape will be utterly beautiful.

7. Apartment Design


At the heart of an incredible resort experience is an luxurious room. At One The Waterfront, you get that and more. Aesthetically beautiful, the apartments exhibit a play of gloss, matte and metallic shine balanced against timbers, delivering textural interest while bouncing and absorbing light. Accented by gold fittings and fixings in both the bathroom and kitchen, your One The Waterfront apartment is a statement of understated elegance. But just like any 5-star resort, the designs are just as elegant as they are practical.


Your all seasons living room will be the embodiment of this, which transforms your balcony into part of your living room. The balcony includes a glass balustrade that can be closed off with bifold windows, meaning the balcony doors can be opened to create an extended lounge, or closed to have a second internal living space. It also allows your apartment to be opened up to the breeze in summer, or closed to retain warmth in winter. Another example of the apartment's practicality is the wall-mounted Push™ tablet technology, which allows centralised control of your room's lighting, internet, sound system, tv, and intercom. At One The Waterfront, you will live in practical elegance.

To learn more about how you could live your life in 5-star resort luxury everyday, please follow the link below.

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