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How Living At One The Waterfront Will Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle

How Living At One The Waterfront Will Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle

Never have Australians considered health more of a priority than they do today. According to Suncorp Bank’s latest Cost of Being Fit report,  Australians spend at least $8.5 billion a year on gym memberships, sports equipment and the latest fitness fads - that’s $2340 being spent on a per household basis.

It’s no wonder Australians are choosing healthier, more active lifestyles. As studies widely show, healthy people are happier, sleep better, and are more productive at work. It’s clear that people see expenditure on their health as an invaluable investment in their quality of life. If the amount of money Australians put towards their health automatically equalled how healthy we became, then all of us would be elite athletes! Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that, and many people are faced with the very real burden of exercise regimes that are inconvenient or monotonous.

If committing to a healthy lifestyle is hard because the gym is out of the way or your routine is boring, doesn’t it make sense to live in a community where exercise options are not only convenient but also in abundance? As research shows, easily accessible fitness facilities encourage people to maintain regular workouts. Wentworth Point’s newest development One The Waterfront offers a resort-style community that makes living a healthier lifestyle incredibly easy. As host to an abundance of opportunities in active recreation and organized sports, One The Waterfront will not only help improve your health and wellbeing, but also your sense of belonging within the community.

Given One The Waterfront’s stellar location at Wentworth Point, you will be spoilt for choice by the amount of self-guided recreational facilities available in the area, including over 350ha of parklands, 35km of bicycle tracks, and a tranquil section of the Parramatta river perfect for the avid rower or kayaker. On site, enjoy the communal tennis courts, Pulse gym and swimming pool at your whim - these facilities come complimentary with your apartment. Alternatively, take a stroll around the community walkways and breathe in the clean, densely oxygenated air that permeates from the nearby Badu Mangroves.

If you prefer a more structured approach to a healthy lifestyle, find solace in an early morning communal yoga session in One The Waterfront’s Bay Park, or enlist yourself in a Functional Fit group class at the state-of-the-art Pulse gym to help you reach your fitness goals. Group exercise classes offer communal support, accountability and inspire you to push yourself above your perceived limitations, which have been proven factors in exercise consistency and results. At One The Waterfront, opportunities for such group activities are in surplus.

One The Waterfront is also within walking distance of Sydney Olympic Park, and so opportunities to dabble in archery, skateboarding, or even Taekwondo programs are right at your doorstep. Other facilities at Sydney Olympic Park include:

  • A extensive aquatic centre with a 50m and 25m lap pool, olympic diving pool, spa baths, and childrens’ recreational pools
  • Playgrounds and playful fountains for the kids
  • Flying Trapeze Nets
  • Indoor Volleyball and Soccer Tournaments
  • Zumba classes
  • Segway tours, and
  • Sydney’s first Urban Surf park due for completion in 2018, which will house a beach with man-made waves for all surfing levels, sun-bathing areas and a bar.

Take the step towards not just a healthier, but a happier lifestyle today. Enquire aboutOne The Waterfront now, and discover what your future could hold!



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